Sunday, September 7, 2014


It's Saturday and Jack and I are looking forward to going home today.

As of now, that darn NG tube has come up five times while we've been here, upset tummy or it's been clogged. No idea what's going on, but fingers crossed that darn thing better stay down this weekend. It's getting to where it's not that big of a deal for Jack to have it put back down. He says he would rather have a NG tube put down then a dressing change. Not sure on that one! 

Friday we played a little poker after the school teacher left. Yep, Jack knows how to play. Look at that poker face he's sporting! 
Also, the Godfather from Godfathers Pizza came to visit. It was National Cheese Pizza Day on Friday, and he brought all the doctors and nurses pizza at Children's.
Today I'm thankful for:
- a pretty low key stay here this week, well except for the NG tube.
- Jack got some serious Minecraft hours in this week.
- PT has really helped him get stronger and Jack is starting to walk better each day.
- we popped in and saw our cousin Abe. Glad his little surgery went well and hopefully he can scoot on out tomorrow morning.
- a successful year of treatment. It's been a year now since Jack was diagnosed. He's been a super star through all of this. Hang in there little dude, we're getting close to being done!

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