Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back up to clinic for a visit

On Monday (yesterday), Jack had a follow up and labs at Children's. His weight is slowly coming back down, and he is starting to lose some of the fluid he gained during treatment. One of his lines wasn't flushing and his hemoglobin was low. So we were back up to Children's again today (Tuesday) to unclog the line that was clogged and get a blood transfusion. He needs a little B negative boost. 
This morning, before heading to Omaha, Jack had PT at Handprints and Footsteps. He wasn't feeling so hot, so he had an easy session. Any movement and exercise is good with me. Then we were off to Omaha. 
It's been a long day, I think we've been at Children's for six hours. Jack's blood pressure was slowly going up, so the transfusion rate needed to be slowed down. Jack happily played games, we did some homework, mined in Minecraft and watched the Lego movie. Throw in our 50 minute drive each way, and we've been gone nine hours. 

Today I'm thankful for:
- Godzilla is realased to DVD/Blueray. (Or maybe this is Jack's thing he's grateful for. We'll be picking up a copy at Target soon.)
- Jack said he was hungry. He doesn't say that very open. We shared some Raising Canes and it was delish!
- Receiving some blood. When his counts are low, he's tired and really has no appetite. Hoping this little boost combined with a three week off treatment  vacation he'll get a bit stronger.... like the old Jack. 

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