Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Just a quick update. Jack is hanging in there through treatment. He's spiking some good fevers, 104.2 and is starting to retain some fluid. He looks kinda cute with chubby cheeks. 

So far his Creatinine levels are staying within the normal range. (a test how the kidneys are handling treatment.) He's doing a little snacking, but not really any serious eating. Thank goodness for the NG tube. 
We have PT and Miss Peggy (school teacher) comes in every morning to work with Jack. Today he was falling asleep while he was doing school work. We had an early morning, NG tube clogged so little dude was up at 7am getting another one put down. I've lost count on how many times this has happened. 

Other than that, fingers crossed smooth sailing the rest of the week and the kidneys stay happy and working properly. 

Pic: Jack putting together some silly sentences during school time. This was pretty fun!

Today I'm grateful for:
- Jenn coming up to see Jack from Make-A-Wish. It's so nice to have some one to chat with for a bit. 
- Kidneys still doing their job.
- Love all the nurses and staff here!

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