Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Monster of a Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday Jack!!

It was a Godzilla birthday celebration here, one of his favorites. Out of the 30 Godzilla movies, (yes, there are 30 of them!) I think he's seen about 20 of them. He loves the old ones best, I think his favorite at the moment is Godzilla vs Destroyer. But, he's a big fan of the new Godzilla movie too.

We had a pretty relaxing day, as Jack still isn't feeling all that great. The boys logged some serious hours playing video games and then we took a walk (Jack in the wheel chair) out at Pioneers Park. The weather was awesome today.

Jack's not a fan of cake, so his birthday desert of choice was a french silk pie from Village Inn. He had a few bites of dinner and a couple bites of pie and called it good. Still not really eating that hot.

Follow up at Children's tomorrow afternoon. He has three weeks at home before we go in for our last inpatient treatment. I think everyone is looking forward to some time off at home.

 Today I'm thankful for:
- Jack being at home to celebrate his birthday. Last year he was in the hospital and didn't want to have two birthdays in a row there.
- Jack got a new Nerf gun to add to his Nerf artillery collection.  Can't wait until he's running around shooting us again.
- Not needing to spend our Sunday preparing for a weeklong hospital stay.

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