Monday, September 8, 2014

Back up at the Hospital for Week 2

Well, that was the shortest 1.5 days at home ever! I didn't unpack any of our gear, just washed some laundry and everything is ready to go tomorrow morning. The weather was spectacular this weekend. It was great to have the house opened up and fresh air circulating around. Cats loved looking out the window, they are such big hunters trying to catch a fly or growling at a bird on the patio. 

Saturday I was grateful for an eleven o'clock Husker game. Not that we were excited to get home to watch it, just happy about not being in the crazy traffic on the interstate back to Lincoln. Jack was discharged around 12:30 and it was smooth sailing all the way home.

Saturday was pretty laid back. Jack and I were both tired and grateful for being at home, on our couch and no one bugging us. :)
On Sunday, Jack was a super star and was munching on food here and there. He and I went for a short walk this afternoon, almost a block down and then back up. In the early evening, we headed up to Campbell to kick the soccer ball around. Bugs were bad, so we didn't spend too much time up there.

So the plan is, 7:00am check in tomorrow (Monday). This will be our last week of back to back  treatment. Hooray! He'll be getting both the IL2 and Antibody meds, it's gonna be kinda of a tough week, but he'll power through. Last time he got both meds, our stay was eight days, had some kidney problems, came home 10lbs heavier with fluid and couldn't walk. Now that was a doozy to say the least. I'm saying a little prayer tonight that this isn't the case this week.... because, it's his birthday on the 14th (Sunday) and we need to be home to celebrate this little dude turning 8 years old!

I'm grateful for:
- Jack out and about walking a bit without too much bribing.
- I'm a huge fan of this cooler weather.
- little dude eating a little this weekend. Hey, every calorie counts!!

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