Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Monday

It was a birthday celebration weekend for both Chase and Jack. Family, food and good times on both Saturday and Sunday. Jack felt good, but come Sunday, he was pretty wiped out from all the festivities.

Today Jack had another session of Physical Therapy. He wasn't feeling so hot, not sure what was going on. Maybe just a him-ha Monday.
Tomorrow we have another follow up at Children's in the morning, checking on his weight and how he's feeling. In the afternoon, a follow up with our radiation doctor. A busy day, but at least we get it all done in one trip. Last week were were in Omaha three times, PT twice, and a dressing change.

Today I'm thankful for:
- a wonderful time with our family over the weekend!
- Jack walking around pretty good. Still not completely on his own, but getting there.
- to a someone special who was shopping in Scheels on Sunday. We did a little shopping yesterday and Jack was checking out the Leatherman pocket tools. He had a Squirt (little pocket tool) and lost it a while ago, so it was time to replace it. A sales clerk pulled me aside and said someone saw Jack looking at them and gave me a gift card for him to buy it. It was super sweet and greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! Jack carries it with him everywhere... To bed (not in bed :)), then it comes to the couch, the kitchen table, to the car and so on. 

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