Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Night Update

Our awesome Home Healthcare nurse came over on Monday and put Jack's NG tube back down. Oh, and lucky me, I got trained too. So next time it comes out, I'm the one that gets to put it back down. (eyes rolling) I can't even imagine the drama radiating from our house when that happens. Calming meds for two please! :)

Jack's busy working on school work and the glasses make reading so much easier. As we are continuing through treatment, his pupils are slowly bouncing back to normal size. He's been wearing his glasses more and more. Getting used to the bifocal only took a few days and he was good to go. 

Today, little dude was in good spirits and didn't need any pain meds until 6pm this evening. 
He was up late last night, not sure what was going on, but he was still snoozing at 1pm today. In the last few days, he's really been getting up and walking around.. without his walker!! He's still a bit shaky but doing pretty darn good. He's still skinny, but I know he's put on a pound from our last doctor's visit. It was slow coming off, so it will be slow putting it back on. 

This afternoon we made a pit stop at Ivanna Cone. He was craving some good old fashioned ice cream. 
He's usually a mint chocolate fan, but today he went with straight up chocolate. 

We have physical therapy Wednesday and Thursday to help with strength training. He really likes going. They have a punching bag that he is giving some good punches too and kicking the soccer ball around. Other than that, our daily routine is pretty low key since his energy level and walking is still low. 

Today I'm grateful for:
- for our awesome neighbor mowing our yard. 
- Jack starting to feel better each day. He's even a happier little guy too.
- the glasses were pretty easy to get used to. I was a bit worried, but he loves them now. 

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