Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hoping For A Release Tomorrow (Monday)

This treatment was an easy one compared to the last few. 
Jack received only half the normal dose, so he needed much less morphine. 
He may need a little transfusion tomorrow but maybe not. His blood counts were borderline, so the doctors will make a decision tomorrow. 

More importantly, his urine samples are clean and nominal, so it looks like kidneys and bladder are handling everything like superstars. 

Jack had a busy day with company, which was really great for him and made the day go by faster. 
He even went for a walk around the floor and walked around four times, plus two and a half times in another session for a total of six and a half laps. This is more walking than he did in the past three weeks combined. 

Tonight, I'm grateful for: 
- kidneys handling everything
- Jack getting stronger
- fun company, giving Jack an opportunity to socialize, eat better and get more exercise!

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