Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's Wednesday.

Jack was released on Tuesday afternoon from Children's Hospital. Word was to keep an eye on the rash and wait for more tests to come back from the lab. It's not chicken pox or anything in that contagious category of viruses, which is good. 

Today Jack and I had a busy day. We spend enough time in the hospital, and with a day at home, no way were we going to be bumps on a log. 

We spent almost two hours at the Lincoln Zoo. He's a big fan of the turtles. He wants to build a little area in the backyard for some turtles to roam around during the summer. In the winter we can bring them in the house, or he said we can move somewhere warm where they can be outside year round. I said no to both. (I know, such a mean mom.) 

Later on this afternoon, we had an eye doctor appointment. His vision is pretty blurry still and he says words and letters on the ipad look like Chinese characters. His pupils are constantly dialated and pretty sluggish responding to light, causing the blurriness. Not a good thing since school is starting. He will be soon sporting a nice pair of bifocal glasses. He's happy to be able to see better. 

Lunch was at his favorite place, Raising Canes. He's still a big fan of the chicken fingers and Texas toast. And to finish out our day, we had our home healthcare nurse pop over for a dressing change. 

Our suitcases are packed and ready for tomorrow when Jack will start his fourth round of Immuneotherapy. Hopefully the plan is to get released on Monday, but who knows. We'll just play it by ear. 

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