Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Waiting To Be Released

Ok, we're waiting to be released. 
It may take another hour or two, but we're coming home tonight. 

Today went well. He got some Benadryl and slept through the nausea. 
His platelet count (blood platelets) is coming back up, which is good. 
The white blood cell count is expected to drop in the next few days, which will make him more succeptible to getting sick. So we'll have to reduce visits and crowds then. 

But, for the next two days, doctors OKed him to go to school for half days. 

I'm grateful for:
- treatment going well so far
- getting to go home tonight
- a certain someone who ensured we won't have to cook dinner tonight


  1. Glad he is coming home. Will have to say hi when I am at school tomorrow. Best wishes for still feeling good.
    Love, Sherri and family

    1. Thanks Sheri, they'll probably sleep in in the morning and visit the school in the PM.

      We're home now, Iand I'm sure he'll have lots to tell to his friends.

  2. Love you guys so much! I've been praying for you all. I know it's harder than I could ever imagine. Just hang in there.