Friday, September 27, 2013

A Very Good Friday

Two good news today:

1. Jack's lab results came back very good. Good enough where he doesn't need to take his last two Neupogen shots! (These shots help boost his white blood count, which help fight diseases.)

2. Today, at a school assembly, he was awarded a Distinguished Coyote award. He wasn't there to receive it, but will be happy to wear it on Monday while Skyping. He also got a 100% on his spelling quiz. 

I'm hopeful his health will continue to keep up with the treatments, and that we'll be able to keep up with his academic needs. 

(This is his second Distinguished Coyote award, and I have to tell you he's pretty excited about receiving them.)

I may not have much to report over the weekend, he does have two wiggly teeth, but that may not be blog worthy. We plan on enjoying the weekend outside. 

Today, I'm very grateful for:
- good counts, and not needing the last two shots
- specialist's distinguished coyote award
- Jack's excitement over these two nice surprises


  1. No surprise that Jack was selected as a Distinguished Coyote once again! Congrats, Jack! :)

  2. Thanks Mrs. Broeker, Jack stopped by to say Hi but apparently must have missed you.