Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting in a routine, maybe

Well, I slept good last night, and I think Jack did. Not so sure about Sarah.
And when I say him and I slept good, I mean between the bathroom visits and linen changes. (They're pumping a lot of IV through him, and we don't make it to the bathroom every time... I think that's probably par for the course when it comes to chemo.)

He had a fever last night, which was worrisome, so they got him on antibiotics and took blood samples to test them. Usually the tests show within a couple of days if there is anything of significance there.

I was in Lincoln today, so Sarah had to take care of him all day.
He ate breakfast and lunch good, and did get nauseous later, but it seemed pretty nominal.

Sarah had visits with nutritionists and doctor aids, and got some good information and ideas for meals.
If he gets fevers at home, the protocol is to take him to St. Elizabeth's, and if needed, they'll drive or fly him to Omaha. Hopefully we don't need to do that very often.

Being away from him makes me feel pretty powerless, but I know that he is strong (stronger than me), so that gives me relief.
Plus I know that I have all of my coworkers behind me, and Jack's teachers and school staff, and Chase and his friends, and both of our families, and our FaceBook friends and that helps.

It seems that the best time to do these blogs is at night, after a whole day's worth of information, and that is when things slow down enough for a quick post. I suspect I won't be posting every day in the coming days/weeks, but as long as I keep learning new things about the process, I'll keep posting.

No photo today, but here is my list of gratefulness:
- My wife who is so strong and organized, and a great partner to handle any crisis,
- Chase who is so smart, he puts me to shame. Plus he swims faster than me... and he has fantastic hair.
- Jack, who is way tougher than his daddy. Seriously.. I faint when they stick a needle in me.

I miss that little guy.

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  1. You're right...Chase does have great hair and Jack is so much tougher than you already. ;) Hang in there all of you!