Thursday, September 19, 2013

Doing Good

So far, so good.
Not much to report. 
Jack ate OK today, and drank his juices. It's important for him to drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated and to keep working the chemo out of his system. (That's how I understood it anyway.)

We'll start giving him shots tonight to help boost his white blood count. (Neupogen injection.)
He's pretty spooked about it, but I think Sarah will give it pretty quick. 

If you hear any screaming tonight, that'll be him. 

Didn't make it to school, they had a nice relaxing day, but he did start working on homework, and we logged in his math and reading websites successfully. 

Interesting tidbit, he is to go on a high calorie diet... Fruit canned in heavy syrup, whole milk, ice cream, half and half, Nutella... We have some shopping to do. 

I'm grateful for:
- his good night of sleep
- no fevers yet (though he danced around 99 degrees a few times)
- his pain seems to be lessened from last week. That's a huge one, he's not doubled over in pain. (Maybe the chemo is starting to reduce the tumors?)


  1. It was great seeing you all last Saturday! Glad to hear Jack is feeling better and I'm sure you're all glad to be back home! Hopefully he will enjoy the high calorie diet and keep the fevers away. Tell Sarah, Chase & Jack hello and hope to talk to you soon. Love & prayers to you all!

    1. Thanks Sandy! It was great seeing everyone, and not to mention getting the IronMan movie.

  2. Nutella? That is some good stuff! I hope he enjoys heaping spoonfuls! Glad to hear that he is home! ;)

    1. Thank you Mrs. Broeker, he comes from a long line of Nutella connoisseurs.