Thursday, September 26, 2013

Doing Good

Jack was able to join his class today for almost two hours of reading and writing over Skype. 
He is continuing to eat and sleep well, and I'm hoping his white blood count will recover soon. 

I had a bit of a cough and a runny nose this morning, but it looks like it was allergy related. Jack has been rocking a steady 97.9 Fahrenheit and has been pretty bouncy and active in the past few days. His energy levels seem to be returning to normal. 

Today he took an excursion to ToysR'Us and Target. 

Lab tests tomorrow morning then hopefully more Skype, and then the weekend. 

Here he is while Skyping: (note the fancy iPad stand)

I'm grateful for:
- Jack's teacher for going the extra mile to make him a part of her class,
- Jack's excellent idea to have pancakes and eggs for dinner,
- Jesse Pinkman finally doing the right thing.

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