Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Weekend At Home

It's our first weekend at home since chemo, and even before then, as we were in the hospital the weekend before that. 

It almost felt normal. We had company, boys did schoolwork, we even did some yard work. We took a motorcycle ride and a couple of walks, discussing various minecraft facts. 

Jack slept good, no fevers (Yay!), and he's drinking and eating OK. I'd like him to drink more, but we don't argue over it. 

He wanted to go to the store with Sarah, but we didn't want him to go and possibly get sick, so that bummed him out a bit. 

The shots are stil kind of a big deal for him, though I'm not sure if he's more scared of the ice used to numb up the spot, or the actual shot itself. Sarah gives them like a champ though. 

Tonight we're making ice cream and fruit smoothies (with some nutritional and tasty baby food thrown in for the taste), so we'll see how that goes. 
Nutella sandwitch cut into a fun shape with a cookie cutter was a success. Yesterday he had Mac and cheese with half and half, and ate that really good. 

Here are the boys, happy to do their homework on a Sunday morning: (even the chai latte is for him, he loves chai)

I'm grateful for:
- a great weekend
- Jack doing well
- beautiful weather

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