Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Post-Chemo Blood Tests

Ok, first of all, no pics today, sorry. I forgot he wouldn't be able to Skype today, as him and I trucked to Omaha to do blood tests in the morning.

His white blood count is very low, so they scheduled us for another test on Friday morning to see what the white count does.  Hopefully it will bounce back up, or at least won't go much lower. It is not unexpected for it to be low, and for now all we can do is watch it and keep him germ and disease free.

His other blood counts (hemoglobin, I believe) are good, so he can at least heal wounds and finger pokes.
That will come in handy, as he has a loose tooth that should be coming out in the next few days.

He ate well today, and followed doctor's advice to graze all day, rather than plan on three full meals. It's harder to judge how much he eats that way, but we feel satisfied. He drank well too.

Tonight, he was worked up over the neupogen shot, as usual, but we did it quick and it wasn't too bad. Afterwards, we did some yoga poses that he learned at Dimensions preschool (http://www.dimensionsfoundation.org/) and that did wonders. Even lowered his temperature down a degree.

I love doing yoga with him, especially the candle pose. He seems so at peace when he does it, and shows us how to do it. Since I had his attention, we also did a bit of light weight lifting.

Sarah was able to go to work today, for the first time in a few weeks. I'm very happy for that, as she needs to be around adults too and focus on other things.

Today, I'm grateful for:
- Sarah being able to go to work and school
- Jack being so much fun to talk to. (His favorite underwater animal is an Orca, and his favorite bird is a Barn Owl. Octopusses and squids are freaky, and frankly I agree, though I admire their "tentacly" adaptations.)
- Our coworkers, friends and family, (again) who continue to be great support for us

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