Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Should Be Coming Home Tomorrow

Should be coming home tomorrow

Day 4 of 5 of first chemo cycle is almost done. 

He's eating well, so that's good. Him and Sarah also went out for a walk in a fenced off area, and they enjoyed some fresh air. 

Jack has been running mild fevers, but at this time they're just monitoring it, his blood tests seem nominal. We'll see how that goes, as once he's home, we'll need to go to hospital for fevers, and his white blood cell counts are supposed to drop more about a week after chemo. 

Here's a little pic of him outside:

Let's see, I'm grateful for:

- getting to see him and Sarah today
- UNIX, because it makes my work so much easier
- two great day and night nurses that I had both yesterday and today

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