Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Update And Harvest Is On

A quick weekend update...
On Saturday evening, we met with Jack's cousins at the Omaha zoo, for their spooktacular event. Jack had a lot of fun walking around dressed in his "morph" costume.

On Sunday, we took a nice motorcycle ride around the neighborhood. Then he mostly played Minecraft with Chase, but in the evening we had a pretty epic Nerf gun fight in the middle of the living room, complete with pillow and cushion barricades.

Today, he slept in until 10:40 AM and proclaimed that it's nice to sleep in like that. Then him and Mom made a surprise visit at my work, and had lunch at Raising Canes. (Two and a half chicken strips were consumed, along with garlic bread, fries and a lemonade.)

Not a bad way to spend a day. 

OK, the surgery to put in his central line has been scheduled for Wednesday, and then they'll do the stem cell collection (or harvesting) on Thursday. Both of those will be happening at UNMC.
Harvesting apparently is not painful, the worst thing is waiting 6-8 hours for it to be done. To me, the procedure is similar to dialysis, but I'm not really too sure what dialysis is.

And... if his blood counts are good enough, they may even start another round of chemo on Friday or Saturday. If that happens, this chemo cycle will be 3 days long.

So, it may be a busy few days around here, but I'll keep everyone in the loop of what's going on.

Today I'm grateful for:
- Having a great weekend with the boys, and seeing Luka, Maria, Colin and Henry
- Harvesting being scheduled this week, rather than waiting till next week,
- Chase making Jack laugh and giggle with his funny antics.

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