Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kind Of A Brutal Nightly Schedule

Chemo is going well. He gets sick right about 4 hours and 15 mins after he starts receiving it, vomits once, and then is good to go. It's like a clockwork. 

The worst part right now is getting through the night. He's getting a lot of IV pumped through him, so he needs to be woken up to pee every 90 minutes. Otherwise the sheets and blankets can get soaked and need to be washed right away. (Twice, because of the chemicals involved.)
Fortunately he falls right asleep, so he's getting decent rest. 

He got some new toys today, and he's been playing with them the whole day. We've also been doing mazes and other activities from his care packages. 

Yeah, his teeth are coming out like it's going out of style, so he's looking like a brawler, albeit a cute one. (Again, teeth are coming out on their own, it's not related to chemo.)
Here he is, showing off his new toys:

Today I'm grateful for:
- his good response to chemo,
- awesome nurses at Children's, and nurses and healthcare staff in general,
- Huskers winning, GBR!

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