Sunday, October 27, 2013

Late Sunday Update

It was another long night for us at the hospital, just making sure Jack would go to the bathroom often and get the chemo out of his system. We would get him up every 60-90 minutes, so none if us slept good. 
Jack was a bit nauseated in the morning, so he got some Benadryl, and then slept from 10 until noon. 
We didn't get to go outside, so we didn't take any pics :(

He didn't eat the best today, some mac and cheese, goldfish crackers and sunflower seeds, and some barbecue flavored chips. He drank one Capri Sun, and a little bit of lemonade. We had company today, and Jack was in good spirits, though maybe a bit ornery. He doesn't like to share things...

He has some bruising around his central line, possibly because his platelet counts are low, and he bruises easily, so for now we are watching that. But otherwise no fevers and no vomiting. 

Chase and I are at home, going to school and work tomorrow, with Sarah sending us updates on the little guy. 

I'm grateful for:
- our friends, family and coworkers, without whom this would be a very lonely ordeal,
- no fevers or infection, (I think I'm becoming paranoid)
- Jack getting a nap this morning, and no vomiting. 

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