Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blood Stem Cells Collected, Chemo Confirmed For Tomorrow

Jack is smack dab in the middle of a demanding treatment week. 
Yesterday he had a surgery, today stem cell collection, and they confirmed that they want him to come in for the third round of chemo tomorrow. 

Stem cell collection went well. He responded excellent to the procedure and was able to go home on schedule. 
Harvesting typically causes calcium levels to go down, which causes tingling in the lips, or if it goes lower yet, seizures, and so on. Fortunately he only got tingly, was able to take some liquid Tums, and proceed as planned. 
Doctors confirmed that they got plenty of cells and they look good. (Otherwise he'd have to go in again, for another collection.)
The whole thing takes 4 to 8 hours, he got it done in 5.5. 

Here he is playing some Minecraft while the machine was doing its thing. 

So... Chemo tomorrow. This cycle will use different chemicals from the past two treatments, so we'll see how he'll tolerate them. 
Also, this cycle is shorter, consisting of only three days. 

He is doing really really well. He is not whiny or lazy, and everyone praises him for how easy he is to work with. Sure, he gets crabby sometimes, especially at Chase, but overall he's pretty level headed. 

Today I'm grateful for:
- his little body handling the collection like a champ,
- a successful and uneventful collection,
- Sarah being able to take him. (There's no way I could be (conscious) in the same room with a blood centrifuge. I have what some would call "weak constitution"...)
- chemo moving along,
- his good attitude. 

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