Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Day At The Zoo

We took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to visit the Omaha Zoo today. 
Jack was impressed by the train ride and the dinosaur exhibit, which was very cool. 

We stayed out of the enclosed areas and stuck to the open exhibits. We took it pretty easy, with lots of breaks to rest. Due to his low blood counts he tires easier, but he did score a piggyback ride on the way out of the Zoo. 

I think he was very happy to be out and around other people and kids. He did draw a lot of stares because of his new hair style, but it didn't bother him. 

Here are our two good boys:

Today I'm grateful for:
- no fevers! I told him it's my Transylvanian werewolf blood, but he gave me a pretty goofy look of disbelief,
- a great, great day at the zoo,
- Chase doing a goofy dance to make Jack laugh before the Neupogen shot. 

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