Friday, October 11, 2013

Transfusion Time

Jack is doing good after his second round of chemo. We can read his mood better, and know what to expect from immediate side effects. For example not being hungry for the first couple of days.
But his appetite is coming back, he had half of a cheeseburger last night, in addition to snacking all day, and he had 4 chicken nuggets for lunch today.

A few things have been a bit topsy turvy however. On Wednesday night he took his Neupogen shot like a champ. He reminded us it was time to do it, he iced his leg, nodded to Sarah he was ready, and we were done in 5 seconds.
Last night, however.... It took us an hour to get through it, we had to use two shots, and multiple icings and cleanings of the shot area. He wasn't in a mood for it I guess.
We thought on Wednesday that maybe we had it conquered, but maybe we don't.

Today he's in Omaha, getting a blood transfusion to boost his counts. (which takes about two hours, but of course, it's one of those deals where he's in Omaha at 9:30 AM, and transfusion doesn't start until 2 PM.)
If he gets a fever from the transfusion, it's a 2 day hospital stay.

Here he is playing a game with some of the volunteer staff there:

So, things are going as expected. He is eating and sleeping well, and he's in good spirits. (Especially around friends and cousins.) Still fever free, which is awesome. Hopefully that trend continues, but we'll see what the transfusion will do.

I'll try to have another post tonight when things sort out.

Transfusion went well, they're on their way home!

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  1. Tibor & Sarah, I enjoy and appreciate each and every post! Jack looks like a strong little boy, so glad he's tolerating the treatments so well. Isn't it something how you adjust to the daily routines as if you've been doing it all along! We all know that it doesn't matter what it takes to keep our children well and healthy, we just do it! And like Kelli and Nathan you two are handling it like a real team!
    Keep up the good work and know that you're always in our thoughts and prayers!
    Traci & Ron