Monday, October 28, 2013

My Spooctacular Little Boy

Ok, as promised, here's a pic with Halloween decorations. The Constant infusion of IV fluids makes him pretty puffy. 
The scull's name is Steve, though I wanted to name him Scully. 
Jack is pretty happy when all the nurses notice the spiders and hanging witches.  

Chase wrapped up a blanket on the bed, and put the scull on top of it, making it look like it was a person lying in bed. We didn't think nothing of it, until one of the nurses noticed it and got pretty spooked. It was pretty funny actually. 

Nothing much else to report, he is holding steady. Chase and I had a dinner for kings, Raman noodles with vegetables, leftover beef and vegetable soup, followed by banana bread and decaf Earl Gray. (Chase liked a little touch of class at the end.) WE MISS YOU MOM!

Today I'm grateful for:
- decorations making his IV pole pretty fly and brightening up his room,
- a list of Halloween jokes he got to share with doctors and nurses,
- spending time with Chase

Aha, a little update, here he is rocking a PBn'J sandwich!

Well, another update, PBn'J came back up. So no food for today :(

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  1. I would have to say that is the coolest looking IV pole I have seen! Take care.