Monday, June 9, 2014

Playing Lots Of Soccer

We've had quite a break from treatments and Jack has been getting stronger ever so slowly. He is over 44 lbs, although when this all started he was at 47lbs. 
But, after the transplant, almost 100 days ago, he was only 41 lbs. 

So, since the weather is nice, and his energy levels are great, the three of us guys have been going to his school's soccer field and playing around. He usually suits up in his cleets and socks. 

Also this weekend we went to a little carnival in Omaha with cousins. Much fun was had at various rides (of dubious quality and safety standards.)

When at home we like to watch Regular Show. It's a cartoon on Cartoon Network. Let me tell you, you need to be quite a connoisseur of cartoons to appreciate that show. Luckily, Jack and I have broken through the other side, and quite enjoy the adventures of the slacker raccoon, bluejay, and their housemates, a lollipop and a gumball machine guy. 

Next week, we start immunotherapy. That will be a new experience. Jack will be in hospital Monday through Friday. 

Still grateful for:
- Transplant and radiation recovery is going well. Day 100 this coming Friday. I think that's the last transplant milestone. 
- World Cup. We're all excited about Bosnia, Brazil, Portugal and Argentina squaring off in Brazil starting this week. 
- Relaxed summer schedule. Now that the school is out, it seems it's easier for the boys to sleep in. Jack has been regularly knocking out 10+ hours of sleep per night.

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