Monday, June 16, 2014


After Day 1, I think I can say they saved the worst treatment for last. Cripes!
(Pain wise, treatment is bad, but this is a great last phase treatment -- finding any cancer cells floating around the body.) 

It's been a game of getting all the pain meds and the treatment meds balanced. 
This evening I think we finally found a somewhat comfortable balance. First day is the worst, but now when we start meds tomorrow, nurses will know where/what/how much of meds. 

This morning and afternoon were pretty rough on him. (And me too.) The morphine now has pretty much knocked Jack out to mostly sleeping. I don't think it's a deep sleep, he's been talking in his sleep- talks about weird things or he wakes up uncomfortable and cries. Weird aches in his legs and feet. He's hooked up to monitors, so even if he was awake and felt good to get out if bed, he really couldn't go too far. 

Texas Baseball team came by this afternoon, but Jack was not up for company. They signed a ball for him. He hasn't even been on his ipad today, which is not like him. Kinda stinks. 

We'll get through it. We have our own nurse and she is awesome! She's here tomorrow too. Only a handful of nurses have had special training for immunotherapy, which is great so they know what's going on. 

On a funny note, Jack asked for Coke and not Sprite. He told the nurse he needs the caffeine to help him stay awake. She got a good chuckle from that. 

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