Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Home from a Mini Vacation in St. Louis

After Jack's scans Friday morning, we headed east for St. Louis for a long weekend. First stop- Bosnia vs Ivory Coast soccer game at 7:30 PM. Lots of teams from around the world come to the US and play each other in preparation to the World Cup. (which starts in nine days.Yippie!) We had awesome seats, off center a bit and 4th row from the field. (The game was at the Edward Jones stadium where the Rams play.) The game was fantastic! Bosnia won, 2-1. Kids had fun, lots of cheering and singing, very different from a football game.

We were in St. Louis for three nights and headed back Monday morning. Our weekend was packed full of authentic Bosnian food, St. Louis thin crust pizza at Dewey's Pizza and custard at the famous Ted Drewes. We visited the Arch and walked around down by the river and spent an afternoon at the Science Museum. Another afternoon we had a picnic at Forest Park and kicked around some soccer balls that the boys got at Dick's Sporting Goods. (Dick's Sporting Store got an "most definitely", but when I mentioned Macy's, there was a bit of eye rolling going on. I'm always out numbered! :)) We also spent some time at The Incredible Pizza Company.

Visiting a new city always (well, with us it seems) comes with getting lost a few times and ending up in some shady neighborhoods. St. Louis traffic is a bit crazy driving in at times.
We have all decided that St. Louis was fun to visit, but declined on packing up and moving there.

Last night when we got home one of our suitcases didn't get brought into the house right away. Long story short - someone decided to take it. Grrrr... It was the boys' suitcase that had their clothes, Bosnian soccer jerseys and scarves. Tibor went out looking for it and talked to our neighbor across the street who saw the whole thing happen. We called the police, filed a repot and within an hour, the officer had found our suitcase! Hooray! We were so happy and thank goodness for our awesome neighbor who had a great description of the vehicle and driver.

Jack's bone marrow biopsy was rescheduled to Thursday morning.
Should be a quick procedure and will be home late in the afternoon.

Today we're thankful for:
- a great family trip before Jack starts his next phase of treatment.
- boys are having so much fun with their FIFA Panini sticker book and collecting stickers.
- getting our suitcase back! Oh, and the two people got tickets and a court date.

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