Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mid Week Update

Immuneotherapy treatment is going smoother. Jack's on day 3, with one more day to go. We start treatment around 10am and are done about 15 hours later. One of the many side effects is fever and water retention. He's starting to get a bit puffy in his face and feet and his fever is constantly up and down. He's getting some Ibuprofen now too, Tylenol just isn't quite cutting that darn-gone fever. He's also getting Benadryl every four hours to help with the side effect of itchiness from the morphene. So between those two, he's a bit groggy/sleepy at times and is a bit moody. 

College World Series is in town, so some baseball teams have been stopping by. TCU was up here today and Jack was happy to get another signed baseball. 
We're also watching some World Cup games. (When he's awake:)) 

Today I'm thankful for:
- another day with awesome nursing staff.
- Jack was hungry tonight for dinner. He wanted some chicken nuggets, Cheetos and mandarin oranges. He really hasn't ate anything substantial since Monday morning. He ate just a little bit of his food, but anything is great! 
- Jack got out of bed this afternoon and wanted to sit on the couch for a while. He's had it with being kinda stuck in bed.
The nurses moved the monitors around a bit and he was a happy camper.  

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