Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrating Day 100

Today we're celebrating 100 Days post bone marrow transplant! It's a big milestone in the transplant world. Looking back, it has flown by, but the three week stay at UNMC is still fairly fresh in my memory. During these first 100 days, we were admitted only once for a fever, a few blood, fluid, and platletes transfusions, radiation treatment and a weight gain of three pounds. It was a busy time and lots of trips back and forth to Omaha. 

This weekend we are going to live it up before treatment starts back up on Monday. What's on the agenda? A trip to the movie theatre, mini golf, being outside riding bikes or playing soccer and of course, watching some World Cup games on the big screen in the basement. 
Some good news we received on our doctors appointment Thursday: bone marrow biopsy came back clean, and MIBG scan that showed previous resudual cancer back in Februray, is clean and clear now.

All heart and lung tests came back good and his hearing didn't get any worse from the last high dose chemotherapy. 

Labs came back good and we are all set for Immuneotherapy Monday morning at 7AM. 

We started Leukine injection today, they don't sting like the Neupogen shots, which is great since we have about 14 days of these bad boys. 

Today we are thankful for:
- clean scans. I should put this 10X I'm so happy! 
- Jack eating and full of energy. He's like the Energizer Bunny.
- Chase rallying up friends to play soccer games almost every evening.
- World Cup. Bosnia plays on Sunday

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