Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

We had a terrific weekend that flew by way too quick! We were busy and watched and played lots of soccer! 

Today I've been getting blankets and clothes washed and suitcases packed. House is pretty clean and the fridge and cupboards are stocked for the boys for the week. With school out for the summer, and my always hungry teenager, it seems like I'm always stocking up and running to the store. Who knew Chase could eat so much! 

Jack's fish, Monster was floating in the tank on Friday afternoon, so there was a bit of tear shedding. All is better now, I said he could get another fish when he gets out of hospital on Friday. He said no, wants to wait a while. Poor little dude was pretty upset. I should have scooped the fish out, cleaned the tank and then ran to the pet store to find a twin. I know, I know, sounds horrible, but he is kinda emotional about things. 

We need to be on the road for Omaha by 6:15AM tomorrow morning. Off to bed by 10PM? That's my goal, but thinking it's probably not gonna happen. 

Boys played Nerf Guns this evening. Jack sporting his green alien morph suit was shooting up Tibor and Chase left and right. I'm sure everyone driving by got a good chuckle. :) 

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