Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tuesday Update

Jack had a rough first day back. He's getting the full dose of antibody (meds) this time around. It's been a few treatments since he's had a full dose, his weight and being pretty weak has been a factor in dosing. (Week five was half dose, week six was three-fourths dose and this week (7) we are at full dose.) The dose strength and rate increased, which increased his morphine rate also. Jack very much dislikes the loopy, fuzzy feeling of the morphine at first, but I think after a while, he just gets used to it. We had some pretty funny conversations last night. He doesn't ever remember them, and I'm never quick enough to get them in a video.
Jack can't leave the floor because of all the monitors, but sometimes we unhook and take a little stroll around the floor. (usually in the mornings when the morphine is really low.)
Physical therapy comes in everyday and works with Jack for about 30mins doing some exercises and stretches. Also, the teacher comes in to help out. This is soooo nice, it's nice to have a break and he usually doesn't tell Ms. Peggy no. He has no problem with eye rolling and sighing at the fact it's homework time with me. 

Here is his newest invention, a back scratcher.  (Actually we make one every time.) Two forks, five tongue depressors and some foam tape makes the best back scratcher ever. The morphine makes him itchy all over, so along with some Benadryl and this handy-dandy contraption, he's usually good. 

Watch TV/iPad. Scratch. Sleep.
That's how we roll this time around. 

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