Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Playing Poker

This weekend we stayed active and busy. 
Jack vomited his feeding tube Sunday morning and we decided to keep it out and see if he will slowly start eating solid food, and I'm happy to say he did. 
We started pretty slowly yesterday, crackers, Nutella, and banana bread, and worked up to eggs and ham sandwich, chicken nuggets and ice cream, pretzels and cheese sticks today. 
He's also walking on his own finally and getting back into the grove of things. 

We got a kit of playing cards and chips, so we've been playing poker every night since Saturday. It's good exercise for his fingers, plus it's great fun when we're all betting against each other. 
Chase had three of a kind tonight, and was betting strong, but Jack beat him with four 8's. 
He's been using his lawman badge as a lucky charm. 

It's payback for Chase beating my two full houses the other night. 

Lots of things we're grateful for:
- nice weather allowing us to go for walks,
- Jack finally being able to walk on his own. It's pleasantly surprising to see him sneaking around the house. 
- Jack eating solid food and not having an upset stomach. 
- Poker... Gives us a nice excuse to play together. 
- Entertaining and helpful physical therapy. 

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