Thursday, October 9, 2014


I think it's starting to sink in, at midnight, Jack will be done with his last antibody treatment!
Woot-Woot!! At full dose, he has handled the past four days like a rock star. A little loopy from the morphine at times, but he didn't have any pain. (This treatment is pretty painful.)

Today we spied a Nebraska State Patrol Officer visiting another kido in the room next door. We said  hello, saw his cool badge and took a quick pic with him. Jack has a new love for police officers and badges. He wants to ride in the back of a police car with lights, sirens and the whole nine yards. Thank you Mr. Officer for taking the time to be a celebrity in Jack's eyes! 

We said goodbyes, gave hugs and knuckle bumps to the nurses who won't be here tomorrow when we leave. It's bitter sweet to say goodbye, but it's more like see you later, as we will stop up on our clinic visits to say Hi to everyone. All these lovely ladies (yep, all girls around here.) feel like family since we have spent so much time up here. I will miss all dearly. 

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