Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Every Weekend Should Be A Three Day Weekend

We've had a great and relaxing long weekend since Jack came home on Friday. (Columbus Day, for those who are not in the know.) 
The weather was fantastic, so we took some nice drives, went for a couple of short walks and played a lot of poker. 

Recovery from last week's treatment is going slow. Jacks stomach and bowels are all sorts of a mess, so he makes frequent bathroom runs. (All day and all night.) But hey, things are moving, and that's better than constipation or diarrhea. 
He is drinking water and chamomile tea like they're going out of style, which is fantastic. Still doesn't eat much, maybe a couple of crackers per day, but his new no-clog feeding tube is keeping him well supplied with nutrition. 

But, we don't have any checkups for another two weeks, and we'll slowly work on getting better and better. 

Today, I'm grateful for:
- The weather. Makes it much easier to get the little guy outside and in fresh air. 
- Chase, being supportive and inclusive. He's been playing poker with us and entertaining Jack. (Maybe he's just trying to get out of homework, but hey I'll take it. )
- The new feeding tube. The new feeding tube, and one more time, the new feeding tube. Getting nutrition in him just changes the whole dynamic. He's getting stronger, (he's even grown half an inch since transplant) and I'm not hovering over him nagging him to eat. 

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