Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Last of the Shots!

Jack took his last shot/injection today!! Horray!! We opened up the sharps box and counted all the shots we did at home, 94 of them. We also figured about 30ish shots he received while inpatient at both UNMC and Children's, and we have a grand total of 124 shots! 
Yes, there were lots of tears, begging and pleading, but we made it through. What a rock star! 
Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we walked through the Lincoln Zoo. Yes, I said walked, no wheel chair! We held hands, and I would guess he walked about a quarter of a mile. He was tired and feet were a little sore, but he did it. (No pain meds either) He's getting super strong and I think just maybe, he'll be walking all by himself by Halloween. (Fingers crossed) 

Today was physical therapy, and Jack's therapist was so happy and proud with all his exercising he's doing at home.

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