Sunday, October 5, 2014

Last Immunotherapy Treatment

Jack and mom are all packed up for our last inpatient treatment. Our weekend was pretty low key with staying up late, sleeping in, playing lots of video games and taking a few good walks for exercise.

Jack had a doctor appointment on Thursday to check his labs and to start his GM-CSF injections. He was not a happy camper when told he would be getting shots for the next two weeks. I told him, these are the last of the shots and how happy he should be. That didn't seem to help out very much. He takes them like a trooper, also, we give him $1 for each injection.... seems fair.

Fingers crossed for an uneventful week. He will have Physical Therapy while he's up at Children's and our favorite teacher, Ms. Peggy will be there to help out with homework.

Today I'm grateful for:
- last scheduled treatment. Nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to fighting cancer, so fingers crossed and lots of positive thoughts that this is our last week of treatment.
- great weather for lots of little walks and running errands.
- Jack is getting around good, still not walking on his own, but getting so close. We just hold on to each others' pinkie finger.

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