Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week two of second Immunotherapy treatment

Jack started his second week of with a bang. Both treatments were running by noon on Monday and around 3:00pm he had a fever of 103.5 They drew blood cultures from both his line and arm to see if he had any sort of infection or if it's just the medicine. Almost always, fever is because of the medicines, but they don't take any chances. Doctor started an antibiotic just to cover all bases. On a side note, I would never want to be a pediatric phlebotomist. Man, they are great at drawing blood, quick and it's a one poke deal, but what kiddo is ever happy to see them. I can certainly attest to Jack not being a very happy camper seeing them at the door. They could come bearing gifts, candy or even money, still not a chance of a even the slightest smile.

All night he just couldn't break that darn fever. It was just hanging around 103.7 all night, which increases his heart rate higher, which then was setting off the monitors all night. Also, since he's on the morphine and is super relaxed at night, his oxygen levels drop too, which also set off the monitors. Antibody treatment doesn't get done until 5am, so vitals were every hour. Jack slept great, me, not so much.

Fever finally broke this afternoon. (Tuesday) Jack's getting a dose every three hours of either Tylenol or Ibuprofen. He's been nibbling and picking at food off and on. Nothing too serious, but I'll take all the calories I can. He wanted chicken fingers today for lunch, cafeteria was out, so I ran down the street to Raising Canes for him. He ate not quite half of his lunch and then about an hour later, he got a bad case of hiccups, and then all his lunch came up. :(

Days are a bit long since we can't leave the room. Day two, three more days to go. July is half over, the summer is starting to wind down. Before I know it, Chase will be off to school and fall will be soon behind.

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