Thursday, July 10, 2014

A little Thursday Update

The week feels like it's dragging. Jack's energy level is pretty low and he's not too interested in eating.... not even candy, ice cream or chocolate. The medicine he's receiving is giving him fits of urgent bathroom visits. But, on a positive note, I don't think he's as sore as earlier in the week, which is nice. He's been taking two showers a day and stretching out his arm and shoulders. 

Jack's labs came back this morning and his hemoglobin is pretty low. (which explains low energy and no appetite) He'll be getting some blood after his infusion is complete tomorrow afternoon. Even though his central line has two lines, (lumens) they don't want both the IL-2 drug and blood running at the same time in case of a reaction. 

Friday afternoon can't come fast enough. This morning I was dreaming of a huge, soft bed in the middle of a quiet room all to myself. Looking forward to my own bed and kitchen. 

Today I'm thankful for:
- little dude getting some blood tomorrow. It'll give him a boost of energy for a nice weekend to rest, relax and recoup for treatment next week.
- Jack had a fever today of 101. Usually they take blood samples from both lumens on his central line and they have to poke his arm too. Not today, just the central line. Since we're on the downhill side of treatment and fevers are to be expected, they just kept an eye in him. An hour later, the fever came down. 
- a great staff here at Children's! I can't say that enough. I guess that's why their slogan is "We know children." 

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