Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday update

Jack's on the home stretch of treatment this week. The plan is to be released early afternoon on Friday and we can head home for some R&R. It's been a long week with lots of interrupted sleep, as is every week of treatment. Nothing new there. We have an awesome night nurse that is pretty quiet coming in every hour, but I still wake up. (plus the darn monitor alarms are always going off.)

Jack got the thumbs up a while back to go to Camp CoHoLo. It's a camp for Oncology and blood disorders kids. Session 1 (6-11yrs) starts this Sunday and goes through Wednesday. It's staffed by oncology doctors and nurses that keep a close eye on the kids still going through treatment. (and the kids out of treatment too.) Jack's been looking forward to it for weeks. I wish he had a week to recoup from this two weeks of treatment, but I know he'll be in good hands there. And if he's too tired or not feeing good, we'll come and get him. Camp is at the 4-H camp grounds in Gretna, so not too far away from Lincoln. Three nights away from mom and day, first time away from home, should be interesting.

Top Pic: It's "Navy week" plus Offutt air show is this weekend. Jack got a special hat from the Navy -- The USS constitution is the Navy's oldest ship. Pretty cool hat. They were here to visit on Tuesday.

Bottom Pic: These are the lines Jack has hooked up to him, plus stickers on his chest monitoring hear rate and breathing, a sticker on his finger measuring oxygen levels and there's the always blood pressure cuff close by. It can get to be a tangled mess.
Today was pet therapy. He is always excited to see the dogs. I'm told a Dalmatian puppy will soon be added to the pack. After they leave, it's always the question if we can get a dog. He's always changing his mind what kind he wants, a Pug, German Shepard.. this list is ongoing.

Today we're thankful for:
- Treatment going well so far. We have the fevers under control now. It's just that morphine that makes him a bit itchy. He's maxed out on Benadryl. Between the morphine and Benadryl, it makes him pretty loopy. He's made a really nice back scratcher out of plastic forks and popsicle sticks. The nurses here think he has quite the imagination.
- Chase is quite the little cook at home. I've heard he's made a cake and some granola energy balls. Now, not sure how they taste, but it's a step in the right direction.
- White Noise App - this is the best app ever to drown out noise! We have it on all our phones and Jack's iPad. His favorite is the beach waves crashing. So every night when drifting off to sleep, we think about laying in a hammock between two trees, drinking a cold drink and listening to the waves crash against the sand. Ahhhh... hopefully soon, one day when his line is out and he can swim, splash and play in the ocean...

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