Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday - Hopefully They'll Come Home Tomorrow

Well, it's Sunday and Jack and Sarah are still at Children's. 

The kidneys seem to be working fine but the little guy is unable to urinate. He does have a catheter which drains his bladder, so hopefully tomorrow they'll be able to take it out and if he can pee on his own, they should be ready to come home. 

They also have an ultrasound for the kidneys scheduled for tomorrow. 

He was supposed to go to a camp organized by Children's this week, but that won't be happening now. I'm not overly upset, he needs a lot of time to get back in the eating/sleeping sync, but I'm pretty sure Jack will be upset. 

It's been a long week for Sarah and Jack and an even longer weekend, and we'll be so happy to have them back home. 

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