Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lots Of Sitting Around, But Getting Better

The little guy still can't stand on his own or walk, but he is getting visibly more stable by the day.
Water weight is gone, YAY!, but he still has a good deal of pain in his feet which keeps him up a couple of times per night. This is a huge improvement compared to five and six times a night earlier. (All last week and earlier this week, it was brutal getting up every two hours.) 

His blood pressure is starting to stabilize, but is still a bit high. We take his BP five times a day and will call the office Friday to see if we need to increase his medicine. He's not taking the Actutane currently, I think we will start back up on Monday. Not sure if this will delay his treatment, since per the study he's too take the Actutane 14 days prior to admission. We have another appointment on Monday and I'm sure we'll find out more. I think we need another week plus to recoup, to start back up in 11 days, yikes. 

Also, the appetite stimulant he takes is working! Jack wanted to go to IHOP this morning for breakfast, which he chowed down like a super star.
So, fingers crossed those muscles start rebuilding. He's pretty skinny again now that he's lost all the water weight and then some being in the hospital with no appetite.

Today we're thankful for:
- Jack eating and hopefully start to gain some weight back.
- Chase, what a kid he is getting up at 4:15am to detasseling corn. It's his first job, not the easiest, but he''s sticking with it. He said he might even do it again next year. Wow!
- going on drives with Jack. Since he can't walk around and be outside, we hop in the car and go for a drive. We've explored a lot of the city. Lincoln is getting a bit boring, I told him we should go some where cool. I was joking and said maybe we'll drive to Colorado and up to Pikes Peak. He was all about that! Too bad it's 8 hours away!
- Jack's eyes. Crazy how much his eyes and a small smile can say speak to your heart. 

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