Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Union Bank's Magic Moment

A while back, one of Tibor's co-workers nominated Jack for a Magical Moment sponsored by Union Bank. We were one of the lucky 10 chosen to receive a special wish. With Jack being such a trooper throughout all this treatments and surgeries, we thought a special bedroom makeover would be just perfect. With his love for rockets and space, we settled on a space theme. Our home has been a bit of a zoo the last few weeks with painters, carpet people and designers coming up with something super special for his room.
Today was the day for everyone (including the news crew) to present us with some special gifts.
Here's the link to watch the clip that was played on tonight news:

We would like to give special thanks to everyone who donated their time and talent to make sure Jack has a super cool bedroom.

Mike from Mural Mural Graphics:  oh my... the mural he painted on Jack's wall is magnificent! His talent is amazing.
Dan and Carl: Thank you so much for painting the basement and for Diamond Vogal for donating the paint. (pst... the fart machine you guys gave him is the best, he loves playing pranks on everyone! Must be a boy thing.)
All the gals at Design Works: All the decor you picked out for Jack's room looks beautiful and works so well together. Chase likes to write surprise messages on his dry erase board for Jack to see later. Most of them are in good taste. :)
TG Construction: Thanks for the carpet in Jack's room and the basement. Working with Carpetland was wonderful, who knew all the options for carpet.
Lori, Tibor's co-worker: Thank you so much for thinking of our Jack.  It warms our hearts knowing how many people read the blog and have such big hearts.
Union Bank: Without your generosity, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for reaching out and showing your support and warmheartedness to our community.

Thank you again, you all have a special place in our hearts.

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  1. That is amazing! Tell Jack I'm envious of his room. I don't think Emily would let me paint our bedroom like that. :-)