Monday, December 2, 2013

Scans Scheduled For This Week

It's been a long day for Sarah and Jack. 
They were in Omaha this morning at 9:30 and started the lab work (checking blood counts.)
His white counts were fine, but platelets and hemoglobin were low, so he got transfusions of those two. 
They were two separate transfusions, each one taking a few hours. Looks like they are about done and will head home soon. 

Doctors are ready to start scanning him this week, tomorrow they will start with a CT scan, and Wednesday and Thursday will be MIBG scans.
Part of Jack's treatment is for doctors to determine if MIBG scans are useful for diagnosing and treating his type of cancer. 
The results will likely go straight to doctors for their interpretation, and they may discuss them with us this week, otherwise I suspect next week. A lot of different eyes will look at them to make sure they're all in agreement on the findings and course of the treatment. 
If everything is as they expect, next step will be a surgery. Maybe next week, but we really don't know. 

Today I'm grateful for:
- fever was gone this morning,
- they had his blood type, so less chance of an adverse reaction,
- calm weather.

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