Friday, December 20, 2013

Getting Ready For Christmas

Well, Jack got a very special letter from Santa today, which informed him he was on the nice list. Santa also said he's watching Chase which made Jack very happy and giddy. 

We will be traveling this holiday season, and I'm very happy to be doing just that. Jack spent his birthday and Chases birthday at the hospital and didn't get to see any cousins for Thanksgiving, so we're all happy to be on the road and visit with family. 

He is doing really well, and with a break from chemo it has really been pretty normal around here. 

Sarah's coworkers took Jack and Chase shopping today, and boys apparently didn't want any toys, just some gift cards to online app stores. (They're such nerds :) (I like to tease them about their love of computer games, but rest assured, I get pretty excited when Chase asks me to set up a game server for him and his friends.)

Here is Jack toiling over a letter for a pen pal. It took him (us) an hour to get it written. But at least his handwriting is readable. 

Today I'm grateful for:
- being able to travel and visit cousins,
- a "free" lunch today,
- our thoughtful and caring coworkers,
- my parents who provide me with awesome jokes for the boys

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