Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CT Scan News

Today we were at Children’s for a CT scan to determine how the cancer is reacting to the chemotherapy. I received a call from the surgeon this afternoon with good news. He’s very happy with the amount of shrinkage and has scheduled surgery for next Wednesday. The plan is laparoscopic surgery, which is a 1-2 day stay, but if larger incisions are needed, it will be a 3-4 day stay. 

The two major masses - one wrapped around his aorta in his abdomen area, was 7-8 cm and now it’s
1 cm and is not longer attached. (They are especially happy with this one, aorta being a major blood vessel they prefer to keep lasers away.) 
The other mass that is by his pelvis/rectum was 10 cm and now is 5 cm. He had other small masses in his abdominal area that are almost 100% shrunk. We’ll have more details after the MIBG scans on Thursday and Friday.

For the MIBG scans they inject a radioactive substance through his central line and the compound attaches to any neuroblastoma tumor cells. When they do the scans, the cells/tumors light up. 
They will scan his whole body, making sure no cells have snuck out of the abdomenal area. 
I remember very well the glowing blobs on the screen the first time around and the tech not being able to tell me anything. (Not because he was being mean, but he’s not a radiologist and can’t officially read the scans) It’s was pretty hard sitting there watching. 

Schedule for the next few days: 
Wednesday: UMNC to get radioactive drug injected
Thursday: Scans
Friday: More scans if necessary.

Grateful for: 

- Seems like a no brainer - great news from surgeon.
- Jack being a super star through all this - I mean all the waiting around we do and he barely complains. 
- For all the prayers and thoughts from everyone. Thank you!

Oh and one more note that will make you chuckle - Jack plans asking the doctor if he can keep his tumors in a baggie and store them in the freezer for ever and ever. Hummm…


  1. Great news! Thinking and praying for you guys everyday! :D

  2. Yay! We think of you everyday, Jack! Sam is keeping your seat warm. I'm so happy the medicine is working! We can't wait to see you back at school!