Sunday, December 1, 2013

Off To Children's With A Fever

Well, it was a very nice, low key, long weekend until this afternoon. 
Jack got a fever of around 101 and is in process of getting transported to Children's. 

He is currently with Sarah at St. Elizabeth's in Lincoln, getting a blood lab, chest X-rays, a nose swab, and urine sample. My guess is that doctors are trying to identify whether he has a bug of some sort, or if the fever is caused by low blood counts. 

It's not unusual to get fevers during his type of a treatment, so all we can do is follow doctors' orders and wait it out. 

So, that's where things stand currently, I'll post more details as I get them. 

In addition to all the standard things to be grateful during thanksgiving (friends and family (oh, and football, right!)), I'm also grateful for:
- tomorrow being Monday, and all the docs will be back at work, and transfusion center will be operational if needed. It would have sucked if he got a fever on Thanksgiving day. 
- the couple of sores in his mouth have healed. He was eating normal today, and was drinking OJ like it was going out of style. (We had to keep OJ away for a couple of days because of its acidity.)
- Sarah's mom coming to Lincoln and helping us take some nice family photos. 

UPDATE: OK, looks like he's not going to Children's after all. He is not showing any flu type symptoms, and his counts are not too terribly low, so they're letting him come home tonight, and we are just to watch him. I think the other tests came back clean too. 

Here is a pic of him waiting for the andibiotic drip to complete, and then they're getting discharged: 

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