Sunday, December 8, 2013

"I'm not getting dressed and just going to wear my PJs all day"

As I looked outside this morning to see the white fluffy snow (yes, I love snow) I was thinking how fast winter came and where did fall go? Fall is our favorite season and I really don't remember the trees changing or the evenings getting cooler. About that same time, Jack (we also call him Buggy) with his big blue eyes and bald head ran to the window to join me to see the snow. Time has certainly flown by and sometimes stood still since the beginning of September. At the same time,  Jack declared he was not getting dressed and planed to stay in his comfy PJs for the rest of the day. Fine by me. I am a firm believer in picking your battles with kiddos - and wearing jammies on a Sunday is the least of my worries.

Our weekend was busy doing house work. We've been slacking off a bit on the "to do list" and it was starting to get out of control. It was actually nice, we kept our minds and bodies busy and the boys played video games. Minecraft is still hot as ever around here, and when Chase's friends join in, excitement flares. When Chase has FaceTime active chatting with friends, you would think his room is filled with kids with all the chatter going on. Hey, if they're happy, so am I.

Bosnia qualified for the World Cup and this weekend they announced groups which was pretty exciting.  If you didn't know, we're not really football fans. I know, I know, Huskers and all doesn't really get us excited but World Cup games coming up next summer is all the talk around here.
(United States is in a very tough group with Germany and Portugal, and with a lot of travel involved.)

I'm graftul for:
- Amazon and Target online. Thank you for helping me get 80% of my Christmas shopping done.
- Snow- white fluff is way better to look at than 200 shades of brown, right! :)
- A low key and productive weekend. Oh and The Little Mermaid is on tonight too on Disney.

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