Friday, November 27, 2015

Back again hanging out in the hospital.

Jack has had some minor pain urinating the last 24hrs. This morning the pain was getting worse, accompanied with some lower back pain, poop coming out with the urine and a temperature of 102.6. 
Called the doctor and he told us to come on up to the hospital for a CT scan. Wants a better look at what's going on in the lower abdomen area.

So, long story short, little dude has a small leak in the bladder. Not sure how or the details on all the plumbing down there, but it's related to the surgery. (And then the mess caused by removing the tumor and radiation.) 
So the plan for now is a folley cathadar for two weeks, letting the bladder heal on its own. Then another CT scan to see if the bladder is all healed up. 
I think just inpatient for 24hrs to keep an eye on him. Fluids running to get all that gunk out of the bladder, he's on an antibiotic, folley in place and ostomy still working good. 
Fingers crossed for a quiet night and no fever! 

Jacks quite the trooper with all this!! Sometimes light humor is needed to make us laugh. (Pic above)


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