Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Update and a surgery coming up.

It's been a bit since we gave an update on the little guy, so here it is.

Earlier this month, Jack had his sixth surgery/procedure to dilate his colon, hopping it would stay open. This was done every month, an in-patient procedure. Not too invasive, but nevertheless, he's put under, it's in an operating room and there is little bit of recovery, usually two days. A month or two ago, during the fifth surgery, the doctor placed a stent hopping this would help. Unsure if Jack would be able to tolerate it, it was worth a try. This was placed on Monday. By Friday, we were back in the OR having it removed.  That week was terrible! It took us two weeks to recover from that one week of pain, vomiting, and no sleep.

His last dilation was done a few weeks ago and after the surgery, the surgeon feels the next step is to preform a bowel resection. It's a pretty major procedure, snipping out the scarred part of his colon/tract, then reattaching the ends. Of course without damaging all the other organs around it. Jack has a lot of scar tissue around that area from both removing one the tumors and radiation treatment.

Surgery is this Friday at Children's in Omaha. This will be his eighteenth surgery! We're gonna be camped out in the hospital for a minimum of 4-5 days and then some home recovery time. Fingers crossed we'll be home for a quiet Thanksgiving.

Other than that, Jack is doing good. He's up to 48 pounds!! He's still thin, but is looking so much better. He's also grown two inches, in the last 4 months, 50 inches now.

Third grade is going good. I usually get a call from the nurse once or twice a week, Jack either needs some medicine or needs to come home because he's not feeling good. Some weeks are better than others. We just roll with it.
He had his nine month post treatment scans and labs at the end of September, everything came back clean. Next set are right before Christmas.

Pic - Jack and I having lunch together.  (They have tables set up in the preschool room, this isn't what his classroom looks like. <--- Jack said to put this blurb in. :) )

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