Friday, November 20, 2015

Surgery Update

Little dude had his surgery today and all went well. A planned three hour surgery turned into five hours, it's been quite the day! We're getting all settled this evening, need to unwind a bit. 

Jack has a pretty big incision, about six inches or so across his lower abdomen. The surgeon also placed a temporary ileostomy that will help healing where the colon and small intestine were reconnected. (About 6 weeks and then another surgery to reverse it.) We don't want leaking or anymore scar tissue down there! They also placed a epidural in his spine that's delivering some wonderful pain meds. A pretty cool IV also delivering some different pain meds and fluid. A catheter, so no need to hop out of bed to go to the bathroom. He's all sort of hooked up and sewn up this evening.  
Reassess pain on Monday when they take out the epidural and talk about plans to go home. 

Today we're thankful for:
- an awesome surgeon! Lots of risks came with this surgery and no organs were damaged.
- being up on the 6th floor and having our old oncology nurses. They were sure happy to see him again.
- I say Tibor, he'd say me. Sitting for five hours was tough today. We've made quite the team supporting each other through everything. 

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